screen-printed-silicon-solar-cell-A Material That Could Make Solar Power “Dirt Cheap”

A new type of solar cell, made from a material that is dramatically cheaper to obtain and use than silicon, could generate as much power as today’s commodity solar cells.Although the potential of the material is just starting to be understood, it has caught the attention of the world’s leading solar researchers, and several companies are already working to commercialize it.

article-2385976-1B2EFE1E000005DC-236_634x286The World’s First Solar-Powered Family Car That Can Travel 420 Miles

The car – called Stella – is also world’s first ‘energy positive’ car.It can seat four and travel twice as far as an electric car before recharging.It weighs a mere 380kg, 1120kg lighter than the average electrical car.A breakthrough in sustainable energy and car design has enabled a team of engineers to build the world’s first solar powered family car.The Dutch team have created the world’s first ‘energy positive’ car, which means it produces more energy than it uses.


Solar energy breakthrough achieved by UCLA researcher

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) have made a major breakthrough in the field of solar energy. The team has been working on developing a new kind of solar cell that could change the way energy is harnessed from sunlight and open up more efficient options when it comes to tapping into this energy. Researchers have developed a transparent photovoltaic film that may be able to turn nearly any surface into a solar energy collector.

imgresFew Count The Health Savings Of Solar Power

Study details often overlooked benefits of solar energyA new study from the Carnegie Mellon University suggests that more can be gained from solar energy than many may believe. For several years, critics of solar energy have argued that this form of power is not viable because of the high costs of its associated technologies.Solar energy advocates, on the other hand, have argued that these high costs are outweighed by the environmental and health benefits that are linked to solar power.

imgresNew hydrogen fuel production method relies on concentrated solar power

Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder have developed a new way to use solar energy to split water into its base components. This technique could herald the dawn of a new and cost-effective way to produce hydrogen fuel. Using solar energy to produce hydrogen is not a new concept, but doing so has proven difficult over the past few years due to technological constraints and efficiency issues

solar-steam4-150x150Full Steam Ahead With Nanoscale Heating

Imagine tiny particles that are 70 times narrower than the width of a hair on your head! Not just that but these little smart machines are tiny little solar pots that collect sunlight so efficiently that they can turn water to steam in a flash. So if you took a little packet of these tiny nano-particles and poured them into a glass of water, you could set the glass in focused sunlight and then watch as a rush of seething hot steam billows out of the top of the glass. Whats most amazing about this technology is that the focused sunlight does not heat the water itself but turns it directly to steam.

32166_1_meet_sol_a_unbuntu_powered_solar_charged_laptop_10hr_battery_life2 Hours In The Sun = 10 Hours Of Computing

Imagine the convenience of having a laptop that boasted 10 hours of battery life, yet only requires two hours in the sun to fully recharge. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Well that fantasy is now a reality thanks to a Canadian company called WeWi Telecommunications and their revolutionary Ubuntu-based laptop dubbed the SOL. The laptop was designed with developing countries in mind where one may need computational power, but reliable grid-based electricity is something of a scarcity


Silicon Photovoltaic Based on Thin Film

Silicon Photovoltaic based on thin film and on Heterojunction technology: current status and future developments.The above article and link was referred to me by a contact by the name of  lancaIV at  It is an excellent resource material, and gives a clear explanation of thin film solar, issues , manufacturing techniques and future trends.


inner3_bannerSolar Thermal System Uses Hot Air

abengoa_x116Hybrid Solar Power Works Even When It’s Not Sunny

The government’s energy research agency is spending $30 million to demonstrate cheap solar power that’s available day and night.Combining the strengths of two different solar technologies could yield “hybrid solar power” that works even at night or when it’s cloudy.The Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy is devoting $30 million to several demonstration projects that will attempt to combine photovoltaics with solar thermal.



solarpanels400Solar energy could supply one-third of power in U.S. West

Low-cost solar power could supply more than a third of all energy needs in the Western U.S., if the nation can hit its targets for reducing the cost of solar energy, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.The UC Berkeley scientists used a detailed computer model they developed of the West’s electric power grid to predict what will happen if the U.S.

newsolar5a-620x349AGL unveils Australia’s biggest solar energy plants

Australia’s biggest solar energy plants have been given the funding go-ahead, clearing the way for the installation of 2 million photovoltaic panels at two sites in the NSW outback.Power company AGL on Wednesday committed to proceed with the $450 million investment in the plants which will supply 50,000 homes with electricity and potentially pave the way for more such ventures.

File photo of workers installing a solar panel in JiuquanChina takes axe to polysilicon producers

Three quarters of China’s solar-grade polysilicon producers face closure as Beijing looks to overhaul a bloated and inefficient industry, resulting in fewer but better companies to compete against Germany’s Wacker Chemie AG and South Korea’s OCI Co Ltd.The polysilicon sector, which has around 40 companies employing 30,000 people and has received investment of 100 billion yuan ($16 billion)

solar-headphones-620x600SOLAR HEADPHONES HAVE ARRIVED

Whether you’re in the middle of an important phone call, or listening to music to drown out that fussy toddler, mobile phones and mp3 players tend to die at the most inopportune times. Scottish audio engineer Andrew Anderson aims to transform the way mobile devices are charged with his OnBeat Solar Headphones.The OnBeat Solar Headphones incorporate a flexible solar panel wrapped around the outer layer of the headphones to harness the sun’s energy. That energy is stored in two rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are placed in each ear cup


images-25Australia: Fossil Fuel Free Electricity by 2040

“Australia could phase out almost all its fossil-fuel sourced electricity by 2040 if it increased the current rate of take-up of solar energy and wind energy maintained its current growth pace” said Professor Ken Baldwin, director of ANU’s Energy Change Institute. “ If this situation continues then Australia will achieve renewable electricity system by 2040, as existing fossil fuel power stations retire at the end of their service lives and are replaced with renewables”.

teammakesbreTeam Makes Breakthrough In Solar Energy Research

The use of plasmonic black metals could someday provide a pathway to more efficient photovoltaics – the use of solar panels containing photovoltaic solar cells – to improve solar energy harvesting, according to researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).research team has made breakthroughs experimenting with black metals. These nanostructured metals are designed to have low reflectivity and high absorption of visible and infrared light.

imgresNew technology to enable development of 4G solar cells

Professor Ravi Silva of the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute has identified the range of combinations of organic and inorganic materials that will underpin new 4th generation solar cell technology – opening the door for more efficient, cost-effective and larger scale solar power generation.

SolarHydrogenSolar hydrogen production breakthrough

Using a simple solar cell and a photo anode made of a metal oxide, HZB and  TU Delft scientists have successfully stored nearly 5% of solar energy chemically in the form of hydrogen. This is a major feat as the design of the solar cell is much simpler than that of the high-efficiency triple-junction cells based on amorphous silicon or expensive III-V semiconductors that are traditionally used for this purpose.

102011_fbn_techSaudi Prince Warns The Kingdom Against An Overreliance On Oil

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a Saudi billionaire who is one of the world’s richest men, has warned that demand for the kingdom’s oil is dropping and new sources of revenue are needed.

stanford-smallest-solar-absorbersWorlds Thinnest Solar Absorber Created At Stanford

Last week Stanford scientists published work that in the journal Nano Letters that makes most thin-film PV devices look like a whale. The new gold nanodots that the researchers created are each about 14-by-17 nanometers and coated in tin sulfide—you could fit thousands of the dots across a human hair.

images-23Thailand Solar FiT Rates Announced For Another 1,000 MW Of Solar PV

On a recent visit to Thailand I was very impressed with the simplicity and fairness of their incentives for installing solar systems. I spoke with representatives who had invested in a solar farm about the existing system they had installed and future projects. Unlike many western countries where you need a degree in accounting to see how all the tax credits, feed in tariffs and other incentives work this is very straight forward.

dnews-files-2013-07-mirror-project-norway-video-670-jpgSo Why Not 3 Mirrors On A Satellite?

dnews-files-2013-07-wafer-thin-solar-panels-video-670-jpgThin Solar Panels Are Barely Noticeable

Dutch designer Ruben Beijer from Stafier Holland created rooftop solar panels in a way that makes them barely noticeable. Instead of sitting on a supporting structure on a roof, these tiles replace roof shingles altogether. By getting rid of the support, the solar panels are streamlined and nearly flush with the roof.

solar-powered-bulb-intro-660Solar-Powered Bulbs Brighten Off-Grid Homes

More than 1.4 billion people around the world have no access to electricity. When the sun goes down, darkness comes up. Almost all of these people live in Africa and India. Kerosene generators are one solution, but they pollute the environment and are often too expensive for the millions of people living poverty. Those who rely on it go deeper into poverty just trying to read and work.

hybridenergyharvester-300x129Nanotech Hybrid Solar Cell Generates Electricity from Both Light and Sound

A new nanotech hybrid solar cell developed by Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, generates electricity from light as well as from sound.“The best of both worlds” is a common term when it comes to combining two different technologies, such as electric motors and gasoline engines in hybrid vehicles.

energy-ivanpah-solar-facility-aerial_69670_600x450World’s Largest Solar Plant Ready to Shine

The huge Ivanpah solar plant is part of a push to expand renewable energy on U.S. federal land. The developer took steps to relocate a population of the endangered desert tortoise,The Ivanpah Valley of the Mojave Desert in California is home tospiky yucca trees, long-nosed leopard lizards, loggerhead shrikes, and a rare species of tortoise—and soon, the largest solar thermal energy plant in world.More than six years in the making, the Ivanpah plant is now slated to begin generating power before summer’s end. It was designed by BrightSource Energy to use more than 170,000 mirrors to focus sunlight onto boilers positioned atop three towers

PROLOGIS NEW SOLAR PROJECTChinese solar firm Hanergy to acquire its third thin film solar company

Chinese solar giant Hanergy is acquiring its third thin film solar company and this time its Arizona-based Global Solar Energy Chinese clean power heavyweight Hanergy will acquire Global Solar Energy, an Arizona-based company that was making ultra-thin solar panels using the materials copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS)

SolarPanels_640Why Arizona Wants to ‘Tax’ Solar Power

A new proposal would slap existing solar-paneled homeowners with a fee of up to $100 per month for the privilege of selling excess power back the grid.Last time we checked, the sun doesn’t charge for its energy—so why is Arizona considering charging homeowners to use the very same free energy? Arizona does not have enough sunshine. It needs to ration that     precious resource.

imagesFoster’s Solar-Skinned Buildings Signal Market Tripling: Energy

From stadiums in Brazil to a bank headquarters in Britain, architects led by Norman Foster are integrating solar cells into the skin of buildings, helping the market for the technology triple within two years.Sun-powered systems will top the stadia hosting 2014 FIFA World Cup football in Brazil. In Manchester, northern England, the Co-operative Group Ltd. office has cells from Solar Century Holdings Ltd. clad into its vertical surfaces.

first-solar-AguaCalienteFirst Solar plans 162MW in Chile

First Solar has submitted an application for a 162MW unsubsidised array in Chile, as the South American nation’s near-perfect conditions for PV and hunger for power put it firmly on the radar of international solar developers.

SB3“Game-Changing” Solar Invention Announced

I have seen my share of outstanding solar innovations, such as concentrated solar setups using tiny gallium arsenide cells that achieve an astounding 42% efficiency. However, I’ve been eagerly waiting for an outstanding innovation made from more abundant materials such as silicon.

download-10Solar: Change By Manifesting Abundance

If I were to recommend one video, one talk in the last three years this is it. Danny Kennedy articulates in a very clear way about how you can bring about change in attitudes and motivate the population into action by dwelling on the positives and abundance rather than scarcity. Danny went from protester to enabler.Australia has a proud record for only 24 million people achieving 1,000,000 solar rooftops. This is double that of California. Combine with this the growth wind power (my home state in 10 years now is 27% wind) along with other renewable energies. Australia also have one of the highest uptakes of solar hot water services in the world.

Dr. Henry Snaith from Oxford photovoltaics holding glass with printed solar cell

Solar At 30 Cents Per Watt

I feel like I am at Dutch auction when reporting new breakthroughs in solar manufacturing. Every time I publish a new manufactured price, another one shortly follows which is lower. This story is important not so much for what  performance this technology has achieved, but the opportunities it opens up.

Earth_world_image_wikimedia_commons_50bf0fe5f3 After six more months of strife, solar industry seeks negotiated solutions
As the first half of 2013 draws to a close, solar industry players still are squabbling about everything under the sun. However, fatigue is setting in: Tired of the finger pointing and the trade disputes, the principal combatants – the European Union, China, and the United States – have begun to dial down the hostilities.


pure_1Volvo sunshade charges with solar power

A portable sunshade designed for the Volvo V60 hybrid electric-diesel car integrates photovoltaic panels for charging on the go.

solar-potetial-at-parity-2016-3-per-wattSolar Cheaper Than Grid Electricity?

The word “parity” is to the solar advocate as the word “abracadabra” is to the magician.  Through it, all things are possible.  But there’s really two kinds of solar parity with electricity prices, and the difference is significant.

0,,16405801_303,00Small-scale solar promises big results

Two billion people live without electricity, but small affordable solar energy panels could change that. Photovoltaics expert Peter Adelmann sees an opportunity to power rural homes using small-scale solar systems.

Potential bidders line up as auctioneer Eric Rubin, right, VP of Moecker Auctions calls out for bids at the auction at BlueChip Energy, a solar power company that has gone belly up, in Lake Mary. Some $19 million in assets are scheduled to be liquidated onBargain hunters flock to auction for failed solar company

LAKE MARY — On paper, the assets of failed solar company BlueChip Energy may have been worth $19 million, but Tuesday’s auction brought bargain-basement price.Bidders fetched pallets of solar panels, laminators, conveyors, assembly lines and other manufacturing equipment at liquidation prices not likely to repay the millions of dollars owed by BlueChip.

machu-picchu-peru-3_lPeru To Power 2 Million Of Its Poorest — By Solar Energy

Energy and Mining Minister Jorge Merino said that the program will allow 95% of Peru to have access to electricity by the end of 2016. Currently, approximately 66% of the population has access to electricity.

C322X0361H_2013資料照片_N71_copy2China Raises Target for 2015 Solar Power Capacity

BEIJING—China raised its 2015 target for solar-electricity capacity, giving a shot in the arm to solar companies that are struggling because of industry overcapacity, weaker global demand and overseas trade disputes.


yatesPlant Yates Closure, More Solar Approved

Georgia Power’s new solar energy program provides customers the opportunity to apply to sell the company power from the solar panels on their homes or businesses.There were so many applications for the first round in March that a waiting list was set up.Now that the utility company is under orders to triple its solar energy portfolio, lots more Georgians will have the opportunity.


Suntech’s RESS, And The Politics Of Solar

This story is not just about Suntech’s new RESS  (Residential Energy Storage System) but the politics of home solar, governments and utility providers.The RESS is designed to provide storage for residential solar systems and if used wisely will mean that the residents can completely isolate themselves from the grid. This would only be possible if they have enough solar to provide for all the demands in a 24 hour period. The vast majority of grid connected systems are only supplementary as they fall well short of providing enough power.

Solar-Power-Cost-Before-and-After-Federal-IncentivesSolar Costs & Grid Prices On Collision Course

With the cost of solar continuing to fall rapidly (50% in the past five years) and electricity prices rising steadily, if slowly, the approach of solar grid parity is near. The following chart illustrates the trajectory of solar cost and electricity price, hinting at the coming intersection. 1 The chart compares the cost of a residential solar installation to the cost of electricity for a residential property.

Distributed-Solar-300x199Germany’s Solar Industry Is Imploding

Germany produced a record 23.9 gigawatts of electricity yesterday from thousands of solar photovoltaic systems, according to SMA Solar Technology.


image5Low-Cost Solar Energy — New Process Utilizing Antifreeze & Inexpensive Materials Aims For Cheap Solar

Solar cells that are cheaper to produce and contain fewer toxic compounds may be a reality in the near future, thanks to new research from Oregon State University.
By utilizing a commonly used antifreeze — ethylene glycol — and some other comparatively cheap materials to produce solar cells in a “continuous flow reactor,” the costs of solar cell manufacturing can be cut down considerably, according to the researchers.

Screen-shot-2013-07-11-at-2.58.15-PMCalifornia Solar Initiative Shines With 391MW-Installed Record Year

The visionary California Solar Initiative (CSI), intended to install nearly 2,000 megawatts (MW) of new rooftop solar and achieve grid parity in the Golden State, just completed a record year and has been so successful it may reach total program goals years ahead of the initial target date.

dyesensitizeDye-sensitized solar cells rival conventional cell efficiency

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have many advantages over their silicon-based counterparts. They offer transparency, low cost, and high power conversion efficiencies under cloudy and artificial light conditions. However, until now their overall efficiency has been lower than silicon-based solar cells, mostly because of the inherent voltage loss during the regeneration of the sensitizing dye. In a Nature publication, EPFL scientists have developed a state solid version of the DSSC that is fabricated by a new two-step process raising their efficiency up to a record 15% without sacrificing stability.


Solar-Power-Cost-Before-and-After-Federal-IncentivesSolar Costs & Grid Prices On Collision Course

With the cost of solar continuing to fall rapidly (50% in the past five years) and electricity prices rising steadily, if slowly, the approach of solar grid parity is near. The following chart illustrates the trajectory of solar cost and electricity price, hinting at the coming intersection. 1 The chart compares the cost of a residential solar installation to the cost of electricity for a residential property.

Distributed-Solar-300x199Germany’s Solar Industry Is Imploding

Germany produced a record 23.9 gigawatts of electricity yesterday from thousands of solar photovoltaic systems, according to SMA Solar Technology.


corning-willow-glass-big-640x640Corning Willow Glass could lower the cost of solar power significantly

The US government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has built flexible solar cells out of Corning’s Willow Glass. These new solar cells are strong enough that they could eventually replace roofing shingles, which would significantly shrink the biggest barrier to mass adoption of solar power: the cost of installation.Corning Willow Glass used to make flexible solar power roofing shingles, could lower the cost of solar power significantly.

imgresSolar-powered ‘family car’ of the future prepares to race across the Outback

 It’s not quite a stylish sedan, but a team of students from the Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology have put together what they believe is the world’s first solar-powered car that can tote around the whole family. The team debuted the “Stella” solar car today, which they intend to race over 1,800 miles across the Australian outback as part of the World Solar Challenge. If a vehicle built for four with a trunk in back doesn’t sound like a traditional race car, it shouldn’t: Stella will be raced in a new class of the Solar Challenge that’s meant to encourage the creation of practical solar vehicles — the kind you could one day drive to work. Stella will be judged on speed, energy use, weight carried, and simple practicality.


u-of-m-generation-solar-car-628  UM’s Solar Race Team Builds Generation

The University of Michigan has built a vehicle just about any green-car enthusiast would appreciate, except maybe those from Ohio State University.Last week, U of M unveiled its “Generation” solar-powered electric vehicle that it is entering in Australia’sWorld Solar Challenge. The team building the car includes more than 100 members and is integrating facets of its previous entries, most obvious are the solar panels used to power the car’s electric motor, with newer components required by the rule that this year’s vehicles need to have four wheels instead of just three.

OB-YA979_apple__D_20130701201009Apple Invests In Solar Farm For Nevada Data Center

Apple is building a new data center in Nevada that will be powered by a large, new solar array, in one of the largest renewable energy investments by the company so far.

KhannaACRx500Scientists Reveal Organizing Principles For Design Of Nanoscopic Materials

The ultimate dream come true for material scientists is to have the ability to make materials that can take on properties and behaviors to best suit our needs. New materials could provide efficient ways to capture solar energy and help us significantly advance the way motors, generators and other devices critical to improving our energy needs are made.




Scientists Work to Protect Earth’s Power Grids from Extreme Solar Storms

Tools on the ground are helping scientists learn more about the threat solar eruptions on the sun pose to life as we know it on Earth.


antifreezechAntifreeze, cheap materials may lead to low-cost solar energy

These copper zinc tin sulfide nanoparticles help form a solar cell that could cost less and perform well. Credit: regoStateUniversity a process combining some comparatively cheap materials and the same antifreeze that keeps an automobile radiator from freezing in cold weather may be the key to making solar cells that cost less and avoid toxic compounds, while further expanding the use of solar energy.
1372864653712216800Solar power to be main energy source by 2017

The solar industry is opening up new opportunities right across the Middle East and North Africa. Gulf countries are increasingly turning their focus toward clean renewable sources of energy for their power generation, with solar energy set to emerge as one of the region’s main sources of energy by 2017. Already solar power installation projects worth approx. $ 155 billion are in the pipeline with capabilities to generate more than 84 GW of power.


Scientists Work to Protect Earth’s Power Grids from Extreme Solar Storms

Tools on the ground are helping scientists learn more about the threat solar eruptions on the sun pose to life as we know it on Earth.


pm4_mpeg-300x182Magnetic Propulsion Electric Generator (MPEG).

Claims of another working Magnetic Propulsion Electric Generator (MPEG) have come out of North Carolina. There have been many claims of these types of devices.  Over the years none to date have panned out. We have an editorial policy of reporting the news, not claiming if a device is real or not. However I have emailed the editor of the local news paper offering to have professional engineers to measure the input and output. They have offed to pass on information to the inventor and we will see if he responds.


Important For Any Homeowner ‘Going Solar’

STONY BROOK, N.Y., June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Set sights on Long Island this Sunday 06/30 to see the latest development in new solar roofing.  DOW powerhouse, a building materials division of DOW, announced the development of a new solar “shingle” that is designed to replace the former solar “panel” and has named a Long Island-based building contractor Division 7 Inc. Residential & Commercial as exclusive representative for the New York tri-state region.

4-bCjZJ.Em_.91Ronald Ace Solar Trap Technology in the Mainstream

Ronald Ace, photographed at his home in Laurel, Maryland, May 4, 2013, said his flat-panel “Solar Traps,” which can be mounted on rooftops or used in power plants, will shatter barriers that have stymied efforts to make solar energy cheap, clean and reliable. His claimed discoveries, which exist only on paper so far, would represent such a leap that they’re sure to dra

imgresSolar Power Heads in a New Direction: Thinner

 Most efforts at improving solar cells have focused on increasing the efficiency of their energy conversion, or on lowering the cost of manufacturing. But now MIT researchers are opening another avenue for improvement, aiming to produce the thinnest and most lightweight solar panels possible.

EnergySage-How-It-WorksSage Online Shopping Comparisons

There are a number of sites these days that will help you find a solar installer. It’s great to see that area of the industry getting plugged by more and more companies. But I’m not sure if any compare with the comparison solar shopping system offered by EnergySage.

solar-panels_2597461b-300x187SOLAR: Efficiency is the Key to Grid Parity

Reducing  the costs of solar energy is no longer about reducing the cost of the cells , but reducing the soft costs surrounding their installation. The key to this is to improve the efficiency of the cell while maintaining low manufacturing costs.

images (3)Push for solar power that could cover a hundred Olympic parks

Greg Barker, the energy and climate change minister, has disclosed that it is his “ambition” for 20GW of energy to be produced by solar panels in 2020 – effectively a ten fold increase in the number of solar farms currently built or being planned.

SolarCarUniversity of Michigan Redesigns Solar Car for Australian Race

A new solar car from the University of Michigan may be the strangest-looking vehicle you’ve seen in a while, but its funky asymmetrical design aims to bring the school to victory at the World Solar Challenge in Australia later this year.


Mapping the Renewable Energy Revolution

  • A new World Bank program is helping developing countries map their renewable energy potential in a new way that produces rich, nationwide data.
artificialphotosynx250DNA constructs antenna for solar energy

An artificial light-collecting antenna system. Binding a large number of light-absorbing molecules (“red balls”) to a DNA molecule, which is then modified with a porphyrin unit (blue) will result in the creation of a self-assembling system that resembles light harvesting in natural photosynthesis.

carocell-solar-panelsUsing Solar Power to Desalinate Water

Standing on two metal struts that raise the head of the panel, the panel uses vapor change condensation (inside the module) to achieve bacteria- and pathogen-free drinking water from seawater, brackish water, even unused field water.

ikeasolarcentennial-304Ikea super-sizes solar power system on Centennial store

Ikea today said it will add more solar power panels to the roof of its two-year-old Centennial store, nearly doubling the store’s ability to generate electricity from solar power and creating Colorado’s largest rooftop solar power plant.

imgresSinged by the ‘solar’ trap

City residents allegedly defrauded of lakhs in the name of Swiss Solar, another firm.The second accused in the case and Biju’s business associate, Saritha S. Nair, was not named a partner in the suspect firm, Swiss Solar. “This seems to be Biju’s own operation independent of Sarita,” a senior official said.

imgresSolar plane lands at Washington on journey across U.S

(Reuters) – An airplane entirely powered by the sun landed in Washington on Sunday after a flight from St. Louis, the next-to-last leg of a journey across the United States intended to boost support for clean energy technologies.


California Smashes Solar Energy Record

Late last Friday, grid operator California ISO (Cal-ISO) announced the state set an all-time solar record just before 1:00 pm when it registered 2,071 megawatts (MW) worth of solar electricity system-wide.

imagesSolar energy strategy for Punjab By Hassan Siddiq

Given the depth of energy crisis and its impact on the industrial sector, Punjab needs to immediately replicate the successful projects from other emerging countries.

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